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About Us

At DOWNSIDE UP ™ we believe that no matter what the lifetime event is, the glass is always full-- frankly, we don’t even know what an empty glass looks like! One reason for this view is the overwhelming importance of laughter. How one views life is very much a question of perception; and, humor and laughter can and do affect perception in a very positive way. This is in fact the reason why DOWNSIDE UP™ was formed as a publishing firm specializing in Joke Books.

 We may not be able to alter or change anyone’s life directly, but we can certainly help the journey be more fun with humor and laughter. Remember, as our favorite mascot and Logo, Tezzy the Turtle, ™ says Have Fun and Enjoy Life ™.

Meet Our Authors

Bohdan D. Shandor.jpg
Olga M. outdoor pic.jpg

Bohdan D. Shandor

Author, President

Olga Medyukh

Head of Creative Production

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